Faculty and Staff
Deborah Lee (Principal)
Deborah Lee
Greta Jones (Kindergarten Teacher)
Greta Jones
Kindergarten Teacher
Chantelle Wilson Kindergarten Teacher
Chantelle Wilson
Kindergarten Teacher
Marcus Armstrong Kindergarten Assistant
Marcus Armstrong
Kindergarten Assistant
Helen Spencer (1st Grade Teacher)
Helen Spencer
1st Grade Teacher
Carol Malone (1st Grade Teacher)
Carol Malone
1st Grade Teacher
Narda Cooper (2nd Grade Teacher)
Narda Cooper
2nd Grade Teacher
Kia Walker (4th Grade Teacher)
Kia Walker
2nd Grade Teacher
Mary Lavender (3rd Grade Teacher)
Mary Lavender
3rd Grade Teacher
Dontae McNeal (3rd Grade Teacher)
Dontae McNeal
3rd Grade Teacher
Kristine Harper (4th Grade Teacher)
Kristine Harper
4th Grade Teacher
Richell Furr (5th Grade Teacher)
Richell Furr
5th Grade Teacher
Jeffers Loperbey (Middle School Language Arts)
Jeffers Loperbey
Middle School Language Arts
Gary Camissa (Middle School Reading)
Gary Camissa
Middle School Reading
Tracy Harris (Middle School Math)
Tracey Harris
Middle School Math
Natasha Grant (Middle School Social Studies and Science)
Natasha Grant
Middle School Social Studies and Science
Connie Harper (Fine Arts Director & Chaplain)
Connie Harper
Fine Arts Director & Chaplain
Wilbur Winborne (Computer Teacher)
Wilbur Winborne
Computer Teacher
William Harper Sr. (Atheletic Instructor)
William Harper, Sr.
Physical Education Instructor & Athletic Director
Jordan Lee (Art Teacher)
Jordan Lee
Art Teacher
Paula Frey (Curriculum and Instructional Specialist)
Paula Frey
Curriculum and Instructional Specialist
Meg Born (Guidance Counselor)
Meg Born
Guidance Counselor
Richard Ollinger (President)
Richard Ollinger
Chris Petersen (Development Director)
Chris Petersen
Development Director
Jaret Barron (Admissions Associate)
Jaret Barron
Admissions Associate
Ashleigh Bynum (Communications Associate)
Ashleigh Bynum
Development Associate for Partnerships 
Rhonda Roberts (Office Manager)
Rhonda Roberts
Office Manager
Vernette Johnson (Administrative Assistant)
Vernette Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Jeff Brown (Facilities Manager)
Jeff Brown
Facilities Manager
Benjamin Sweat (Security and Maintenance)
Benjamin Sweat
Security and Maintenance
Alvin McNeal (Maintenance)
Alvin McNeal
Maintenance Technician
Mildred Starr (House Keeping and Special Support Services)
Mildred Starr
Housekeeping and Special Support Services
Shawn Southerland (Recess Aid and Maintenance)
Shawn Southerland
Recess Aid and Maintenance