Why Should You Choose CCA?

1. Cornerstone Christian Academy is accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MS-CESS).

2. The average class size is 22 students, taught by ACSI-certified teachers.

3. 95% of Cornerstone graduates complete high school in four years, and 66% pursue post-secondary educational opportunities. 

4. The average financial aid package per student provides a nearly 50% tuition reduction each year.

5. Cornerstone's eighth grades students' 2013 PSSA scores were 79% Advanced in Reading - 23 points higher than Philadelphia public school students - and 64% Advanced in Math - 13 points higher than Philadelphia public school students.

6. In addition to the Core Curriculum subjects, all students take Art, Computer, Music, Health, and Physical Education classes.

7. Cornerstone is open 47 out of the 52 weeks in a year. An eight-week summer camp and six-week summer enrichment program provide students with educational opportunities during the summer. 

8. More than 150 volunteers and 400 donors provide student support and $1.25 million in annual financial contributions.

9. Cornerstone and its partners offer a number of scholarships to students, including:

  • Cornerstone Scholarship Fund
  • Susan Hall Galloway Scholarship
  • Vision of Hope Scholarship
  • Ralph Brock Environmental Stewardship Scholarship
  • Valerie Black Scholarship
  • Children's Jubilee Scholarship Fund
  • ACSI Children's Scholarship Fund
  • Children's Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia
  • Black Alliance for Educational Opportunities (BAEO) Scholarship

10. Cornerstone is partnering with The Common Place to bring the Scholars After-School Program to Cornerstone and Mitchell Elementary School students beginning this September.