Kindergarten Curriculum


Students are introduced to the Foundations and Frameworks instructional reading program that deepens comprehension skills. Through phonics and sight words students learn to read.  The skill succession begins with the recognition of the alphabet and learning letter sounds. It progresses to the pronunciation of rhyming words and words that relate to their world. Books are read in small group settings where students use visual tools as they learn to retell a story, discuss the main characters, and sequence main events of the story.  Simple sentence writing is introduced and students learn to communicate their ideas through writing, sharing stories, cooperative learning, art, and play.



The recognition of numbers 0-100 and simple counting begins. Students learn to count by 5s and 10s, leading to the recognition of the value of money, the telling of time, and measurements.  Basic addition and subtraction of facts 1-10 are taught, simple word problems are introduced, and identification of shapes, patterns, and sequencing begins.


Social Studies

Social Studies is introduced by helping children understand their immediate environment. As such, students master learning their address, phone number, city, state, parents' names, addresses and emergency information. They begin to learn about the people and places that make up their neighborhood, including the community helpers, i.e. police and firemen, as well as famous African-American helpers, i.e. Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. Elementary map skills are introduced and the larger world is explored by “visiting” children in other countries.  



Curiosity is cultivated in kindergarten with a beginning awareness and study of non-living and living things from ourselves, to plants, to animals, the seasons of the year and weather. Emphasis is placed upon the truth of God as the Creator of everything with a specific purpose and design.  


Bible/Christian Concepts

Students are introduced to major characters in the Old and New Testaments, learning about God through examining the lives of these individuals. Lessons and activities, including memorization of scripture, help children comprehend and apply biblical truths to daily life.