Online Resources

The internet has many terrific websites that offer academic support to our students. We have found that it can sometimes be difficult for our students to remember each URL of the websites we often use in our computer class so we want to make a list of great websites available.


Grades K-2






Grades 3-5


Studyisland.com  4th and 5th grade only (more information below)





Middle School


This is an online standards mastery and test preparation program and is built from our states standards. Rooted in foundational and statistical research, the dynamic self-paced program allows teachers to customize instruction to students' needs while allowing students to study in standard test format, interactive game mode, or using interactive response system.

The program is divided into sections based on subject (math and reading). Each subject is made up of approximately 15-30 topics. Each topic corresponds to a standard from our state curriculum.  Topics consist of a lesson and a bank of practice questions with explanations. It is helpful to view the lesson before answering the questions in the topic. Please note that the program is not designed to teach the material, but rather to reinforce what has already been taught.

Students must complete at least 10 pretest questions to unlock the rest of the content in the subject.