Student Learning Outcomes

Academic Achievement 

Graduates of Cornerstone Christian Academy will:

  •   Be prepared for success in secondary and higher education or vocational endeavors.
  •   Be disciplined and diligent in completing all tasks and assignments.
  •   Be reading at or above grade level; able to decode, analyze and comprehend.
  •   Be proficient in mathematics.
  •   Possess a basic understanding of life, earth, and physical sciences.
  •   Have a knowledge and understanding of people, events, and movements in history.
  •   Be competent in research and analysis and in the use of technology.
  •   Be effective and persuasive in oral and written communication.
  •   Be able to approach all areas of study with an open mind.

Spiritual Development

Graduates of Cornerstone Christian Academy will:

  •   Be rooted in the Christian faith, knowledgeable of God’s love, mercy, and grace.
  •   Be biblically literate, able to apply God’s word to everyday life.
  •   Be globally sensitive with a Christian world view.
  •   Be responsible stewards, caring for the earth and generously sharing of self and substance.
  •   Be witnesses for Jesus in everyday life, modeling Christ in word and deed.

Christ-Like Character

Graduates of Cornerstone Christian Academy will:

  •   Be committed to values of justice, peace, honesty, integrity and caring.
  •   Be respectful of and cooperative with all people.
  •   Be well-mannered, poised and polite.
  •   Be respectful of authority and accepting of boundaries.
  •   Possess a moral conscience.