Become A Cornerstone Teammate

Cornerstone Teammates pair up with students in achieving their educational goals. Individual teammates make a financial commitment to their student teammates for one or more academic years. Students commit to their best academic work and provide updates throughout the year to their teammates. Cornerstone Teammates provide essential support to students who are among the next generation of leaders in southwest Philadelphia. In becoming a teammate, you are part of the transformation taking place at Cornerstone.

Cornerstone Teammates

  • Pledge one or more years of financial support of $1,500 for a partial scholarship for one student, $2,500 for one half-scholarship for one student, or $5,000 for one full student scholarship for one student.  Pledges can be fulfilled with a one-time contribution, quarterly, or monthly contributions.
  • Commit to visit their student teammate at one of the two Teammate Days during the academic year.
Cornerstone Student Teammates
  • Dedicate themselves to achieving the academic and character goals set for them in their classroom.
  • Provide updates during the year to their teammate.

For more information on becoming a Cornerstone Teammate, please contact Ashleigh Bynum in the Development Office at (215) 724-6858, x233.

Once you decide to become a Teammate, you will receive more information on your student, including their photo and student profile.

Program Guidelines

As a Teammate to a Cornerstone Student:

  • You commit to providing financial support of $1,500 (partial scholarship), $2,500 (half scholarship) or $5,000 (full scholarship) to cover the cost for one year for one student.
  • You will have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with your student. We encourage teammates to commit to the relationship for three years. You have the option to end the partnership at any time. Sometimes students withdraw from Cornerstone or don’t return the following year. We will let you know if this happens.
  • You will receive correspondence from your student 3 times per year. You will also be informed on a regular basis of what is happening at Cornerstone through e-mail and newsletters. Feel free to write back to your student or send them letters any time during the school year. Please address your letters to the students’ name in care of the Development Office.  All correspondence and communication must be facilitated through Cornerstone Christian Academy.
  • You will be invited to special events during the school year to meet your student and learn about how they are progressing in their classes. Any personal contact outside of this is not the intended purpose of the program. Please refrain from giving money or gifts. If you would like to share a gift or treat with students’ entire class, that would be appropriate.
  • You are a friend to a child. You may be interested in volunteering at Cornerstone to be more actively involved in the life or your student. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know by calling Ashleigh Bynum in the Development Office at (215) 724-6858, x233.
  • You have the opportunity to engage others (friends, family, colleagues) who could also be a Teammate to a Cornerstone student.


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