What Do My Funds Support?

Thank you for supporting Cornerstone Students!

Cornerstone Christian Academy models a financial partnership between home, school, and a network of financial partners.  The Board of Trustees is committed to providing an affordable education to more than 200 inner-city children.  Because the average annual household income of Cornerstone families is under $30,000, financial aid is extended to each student.  Here's how each partner contributes to the success and support of our students:

  • Home - Each Cornerstone household is required to pay tuition for their student.  The average tuition paid per student is $2,500.  This covers approximately one-quarter of the total cost per student.
  • School - At the beginning of the academic year, the Cornerstone Board of Trustees and Administration makes a commitment to raise the funds necessary to cover the total cost of each student's education.  This year, the cost to educate each student is over $10,000, resulting in a financial aid package of $7,500 per student:

                                          Total cost ($10,000)-Tuition ($2,500)=Financial Aid ($7,500)  

  • Financial Partners - Across the nation there are over 350 individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations that give towards the cost of student financial aid ($7,500 per student), programs, and building upkeep. Each year we receive over $1.7 million of our $2.5 million operating budget from financial partners.

If you would like to make a contribution to Cornerstone Christian Academy, please visit our Donate page.